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I hate hurricane season....stupid Gustav

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Say a prayer for the residents of LA. They've been through a ton in the last 3 years and this hurricanes looks like it is bringing more trouble.

It's headed straight for my home town of Houma! Most of my family is out, some still stuck in traffic, other STILL to stubborn too go. Hopefully those that left have something to go home to :cry:

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Well tell him to tread very carefully. This one seems to be a little unpredictable and the cone of uncertainty is pretty large.

Katrina & Andrew (the only two majors that I lived through) both made landfall as Cat. 3. Andrew did tons of damage in Houma and left everyone without power for a long time. Gustav is predicted to make landfall as a Cat 4 or even a Cat 5. I am terrified of what it might do.

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Direct path? No,on the Alabama Mississsippi border. The evacuees are storming through town headed somewhere that is not Louisiana.

Just some feeder bands coming through here. Maybe 50 mph winds later. A relative walk in the park as far as hurricanes go.

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Yeah we're in not in the direct path but you wouldn't know it by the way everybody around here is acting. Gas lines were forming today and everybody is stocking up on non-perishables. :lol:

We're expected to get some really really strong storms in the next few days. And alot of our hotels are getting booked up, just like when Katrina hit.

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