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Man Tries To Amputate Own Arm In Denny's

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Man Attempts To Amputate Own Arm In Denny's


MODESTO - (CBS13/AP) ― Modesto police say a local man who tried to cut off his own arm at a Denny's restaurant thought he had injected air into one of his veins while shooting cocaine and would die unless he took drastic action.

The man, identified by police as Michael Lasiter, 33, rushed into the restaurant on Friday night and started stabbing himself in the right arm with a butter knife he grabbed from a customer's table, police say. When that knife didn't work, Lasiter allegedly took a butcher knife from the kitchen and dug it into his arm.

Lasiter, who was subdued with a taser and taken to a local hospital with severe cuts, told officers he thought he needed to amputate his arm to keep himself from dying from the cocaine injection, says Modesto police Sgt. Brian Findlen.

The Denny's closed for the night after the incident.

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Seriously-I would be super pissed if some dude started freaking out while I was trying to pig out on my CFS. What the hell? And you know they probably didn't give out doggie bags or anything. They probably just moved everybody out ASAP. Dude would owe me some $$$$ or a new CFS! :twisted::twisted::lol:

I think that is absolutely true!!!!!!

If I were to get my meal ruined, then I would demand that I get something free out of it the next time I dropped by.

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