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Question re: disputing CRA post CV 5 mo ago


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Hello Everyone,

Incredible site. I have 2 specific question on how to proceed. I jumped the gun in May of 08 and DV'd all my CA accounts all but one of which were valid. I did receive responses back from them all which frankly discouraged me and I left it at that. However, I am revisiting the need to take responsibility for my life including my credit history. I have in the past used two credit repair companies (bah what a waste of life an time). Once ten+ years ago and once 3 years ago, I never followed up with the company after the first initial mailing. My first question is how much will this hurt my future attempts at contesting items on my CR with the CRA's. My second question is to do with my contesting the CRA report, and according to the flowsheet I should DV as well. Having already done that once in the last 6 months should I just continue with with CRA disput and skip doing the DV a second time?



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