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DV again or Settle ?


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I have a 2002 SBC telephone bill for ~$800 reported by Mid land. I m in TX. did 1-2 punch ~35 days ago.

* CA sent me letter asking ' more info'. The letter states OC name as SBC, OC account number and $ Due. CA sent me settlement offer.

* CA updated all CRs as 'disputed'

* CA verified with EX.

* TU deleted the TL on 8/27/2008.

Now i am left with this being reported as open deteriorate accounts (not collection) in EQ & EX.

I read this site a lot, but I cannot figure out whether I should DV again or try settle and PFD? My intention is to get done with this asap.

Kindly help. Thanks in advance and Thanks for earlier helps. I am not sure what helped, but some thing in the last month has got my EQ FICO to 752 (from 671).

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