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My sucesses with credit repair


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I have mostly posted about who is trying to collect from me right now. I have never posted about any the things I have managed to correct or get rid of so here goes:

NCO I sent them a FOAD and have never heard from them since, they even removed the negative TL from my CR.

Palsides I had some probe with these people but I sent them a letter of intent to sue and they disappeared and the TL was removed from my CR.

I got all my Inqs deleted from my CR's

I managed to get a couple liens removed from my CR.

I got two judgments removed from my CR.

I had to talk with the dept of edu about my student loans and get them to report them correctly.

my cr has went from 40 pages down to 9 pages, a lot of the things on my CR were really old and were deleted.

So this credit repair does work but it takes time.

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Gunny you have done a lot of work in really what seems like just a few months (if you started in March 08). Congratulations! Its time to celebrate those successes:yahoo:

Did you ever stop to think that maybe some of these CA's are coming out of the woodwork now because your credit report looks better?

Just a thought - but it seems to me as your credit improves some of the bottom feeders will get a little more agressive thinking they have a shot at getting paid something. They don't know what you know now about credit repair and CIC!!:mrgreen:

It seems to me as if you are doing a very good job - don't let them get you down now.

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