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Consumer Reports Names 12 Best and 3 of the Worst Credit Cards

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Three cards to avoid were First Premier Bank, HSBC American DreamCard and New Millennium Visa or MasterCard.

Among the best credit cards for low-rate/low-fee are:

Capital One Platinum Prestige,

Clear from American Express,

and Iberiabank Visa Classic.

The best cash-back cards included

Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards,

Chase Freedom Visa,

and Discover More.

Among the best gas cards were

Chase PerfectCard MasterCard,

Discover Open Road,

and Hess Platinum Visa.


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Thx of the post!

Does anyone have best\worse charge card stories too post too?

I recently learned what a disaster the GAP\Old Navy card is, they entered my wrong DOB in to their system for application, and I was denied. I got the letter a week later and decided to call them, they said it had been TOO LONG since the decision and I would have to apply again for another consideration.

So she gave me a address where I would have to send a letter to request the inquiry get retracted, it was the same PO BOX schema and town that their main offices were in.


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