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heres my plan suing in small claims court


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I owned a mobile home in Michigan, my sister lived in it and then sold it. The purchasers were supposed to pay the home off in a lump sum of 5000.00. My sister signed over the title so they could move in to the park trusting them to pay it off...these were her best friends kids and she moved to Florida.

The hand written contract states they could pay 100.00 a month until it was paid off, no specific date. The purchasers did pay 100.00 a month for about 14 months and then in Feb 2008 stopped paying. I have tried calling and writing them in an attempt to get a payment. they owe 3600 to me right now.

I do not wish to get the mobile home back. I do not want property in Michigan nor do I want the responsibility of lot rent if they default with the park.

I want to get a judgement and garnishement against them.

I know the max I can sue them for in small claims is 3000, so I'm willing to give them a break if they will just pay me what they owe me...

I am going to use the contract and the payments as evidence of the debt...what else do I need to do?

Do I need to notify them before I file, I am having my mom do the leg work for now and I will be there for court, unless we can do this without me being present.

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