stupid car sale

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Hello, I found your boards a couple of months ago and have been reading them intermitently ever since. Here's my legal queston:

I had a car that i sold to a friend who never transferred the title, I had a written agreement with him and their were witnesses, I had never sold a car before this, so didn't know about release of liablity form, the car was towed months later, i didn't know about this, nor was i contacted. Suddenly the tow company has sold my debt to a collector and its now on my report. Any ideas or suggestions?

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If your friend signed the title that he was the buyer, then call the DMV and report when the vehicle was sold. The DMV should be able to give you some form stating this for you to send to the collection agency.

I don't know about CAL. law, but we had a similar situation where the new guy didn't transfer title and we were sent the tab renewal form and I called the DMV and they flagged the vehicle information and haven't heard boo since.

Good luck.

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