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am i responsible for this debt


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i am married

husband got cc for 30k without my knowledge and maxed it out

he hasn't paid it in a year so charges are now over 30k

this was never a joint card

i was never an authorized user

collection agency is calling me every hour telling me i am responsible for debt

i told them they didn't contact me when he applied for card!

collection agency says they are coming after me and going to ruin my credit

my credit is impecable

my husbands is a mess, i don't know how they even gave him the card

today collection agency called my personal accountant and asked him to give me a message to call them

all my assets are in my name and always have been

my husband is not on anything, car, house, business, you name it

can the collection agency really do this?

can they ruin my credit over this debt?

can they come after my assets?

we were married when he got this credit card.

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They are trying to scare you. NJ is not a community property state. You need to get a name and address and send them a Cease and Desist letter as you are not responsible for this debt. If they fail to comply, send an ITS. Since this amount is large, you may need to take your name off of any joint bank accounts in case your husband is sued.

Bigger question is what does your husband say about all of this?

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