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CA failed to file Certificate of Service


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All I understand about certificate of service to be the dated attachment which is signed by attorney

So going thru the all the compiled documents of my case - it has been discovered the CA failed to provide a Certificate of Service THREE (3) times with court filings.

Is a Certificate of Service necessary for the court to admit the CA's pleadings in the state of GA?

Is it that important?

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Sorry, I can't speak for Georgia, but in California, those Certificates of Service for Requests for Admissions, etc., aren't filed with the court. They are attached to the back of the documents sent, and I'm sure they keep a copy with their copies of those documents, but they're not filed with the court.

Those documents themselves are not filed with the court either, so I'm not sure how this helps your defense. (What does your attorney say about it?)

At trial, what they will be submitting are your answers to their Request for Admissions, and your answers to their Interrogatories. As for their responses to your Interrogatories, well, Discovery is about showing the other side your cards. They'll be able to submit the same information they provided in their response to your Interrogatories.

I think if the documents themselves were sent and received, no one's going to be very concerned about the Certificates of Service. It would only become an issue if someone starts to claim they didn't get something or other.

Good luck.


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