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What to do -- student loan reporting


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Ok.. I am having an issue with one of my student loans. The account has been being reported as "discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy." This is incorrect since it can't be discharged. So, I disputed it with the bureau's and it came back verified (of course). Sent the CMRRR letter to the student loan company on more than one occassion and FINALLY got it to update. According to TrueCredit/Experian, it was now reporting as "paid as agreed" and the BK reference was removed.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later -- it now has changed back to say "discharged in Ch 7 bankruptcy as of 9/5/08." Well, this is wrong since I didn't file BK again, and I just made a payment on the loan! So, today I sent a letter CMRRR again to them requesting that they correct the information immediately and told them I am tired of having to have them correct it. I told them if it is not corrected, I will need to report this to the BBB, and possibly my BK attorney. I really don't want to get my BK attorney involved since its been 2 yrs since the filing/discharge, but is there really any other option?

If they keep changing the status like that, is there anything else I can do? Or just keep doing the CMRRR disputes?

This is the one baddie that keeps coming back. It is making me SOOO mad.

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