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Well I am also one of the clients of Sifxpert who has been left lurching. I am not sure what happened and why it happened but the fact is Sifxpert has just left many uncompleted tasks and it seems he is not coming back.:(

I cant just wait for him anymore, and have decided to move on. But the irony is that I dont have any clue how much damage has Sifxpert done to my remaining accounts. :cry:

Can anyone suggest me any Debt company or a Lawyer in UTAH who can help me take care of the remaining business? I dont have a huge debt but the remaning one is forbidding me to plan anything.

Your replies will be highly appreciated.

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Yes. In their last communication MCM threatened me with arbitration. I dont know if Sifxpert did anything about it (which he claimed in the past).

As I have only 1 account which needs to be settled I thought of taking services from any debt lawyer rather than a company. I dont want to get into a monthly program most of these companies offer. May be someone who can just charge me one fee for this settlement (saw a few in utah but dont know about their reputations). I have been planning to buy a house for past 1 yr and cudnt do anything coz of this pending account. I just want to get rid of it.

I dont know if my approach is a rational one or an emotional one but the fact is Sifxpert promised be settle this account like 2 yrs back and still I have that thing shining in my CR. Interestingly, the original creditor (the utility company) is also there in my CR. I dont have clue why OC is there when MCM is claming to own that debt. I am not even sure if there was any attempt by Sifxpert to settle this (if yes, then how was he settling this).


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Forget about Sixpert. It sounds like you lost 2 years on something that you can resolve yourself.

The OC is reporting because they can as the OC. Even if it was sold to the CA, the OC can still report for up to the full 7.5 year reporting period.

1. Is this a valid debt? How much?

2. Have you ever disputed with the CRAs?

3. Have you DVd the CA?

4. Have you ever contacted the OC? 623 letter?

5. Have you checked the SOL?

These are some of the questions you need to answer.

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Until now I havent done anything towards this account. I am not sure if Sifxpert has done these or not. According to my last conversation with him reg this account, it should have been settled by now.

Though, I have disputed this account through Equifax credit report like 2 days ago.

My major fear is not to jeopardize it further by jumping in with DV letter and stuff. One thing is sure that Sifxpert did initiate something with MCM but I dont know what.

I dont know what would be the best way to know the status of this account without harming it further.

I dont know if I am making any sense here.

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Not to be rude, but is this some type of joke? From your other post:

In my EQ CR, this account is shown both from my original creditor and MCM with the balance difference of $1 between them. I have received a letter from MCM stating that they have bought this account from company XX and would try to collect this debt (In fact gave me some offer of paying 65% of the amt). I sent them the docs supporting my dispute on this account to MCM. After a week or two, I again received a letter from MCM requesting me more docs to support my dispute. Before I could act on that, I received a final notice from MCM that not being satisfied with my dispute, they have decided to go to AAA (American Arbritration Association). But has given me 2-3 weeks to pay the full balance on the account.

You've never answered whether the debt is real. You haven't listed the amount. What is your disute? For all we know, the 65% was a good deal. Also, you posted the above in June, so the 2-3 weeks are up. Have you heard from them since?

Maybe you could take the settlement or try a PFD and be done with this. If you want a lawyer, try http://www.naca.net/

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This is NOT a joke.

The amount for which I was billed by the utility company was outrageously high (approx $6300 for 2 months). For the reason of not paying this bill, this had become a debt. I don’t know if I should call it a real debt or not. $6300 bill for a cell phone took me as a shock and surprise.

Tries were made (supposedly by Sifxpert) to convince OC to verify this bill which was eventually landed up with MCM. When I wrote “I sent them the docs supporting my dispute on this account for MCM”. It was actually done by Sifxpert. The reason for not listing his name in my last post was my intention of not participating in mud slinging going on between him and others.

But as of now neither have I heard back from the MCM and nor has Sifxpert replied me back for the past 2 months. With his emails, fax, phones not working, I had to take this thing in my hands. I didn’t do anything on this account by myself until I disputed this account through Equifax credit report like 2 days ago.

The only intent I had while posting this thread was to know if someone knows any good debt management company or a lawyer in UTAH who can help me solve this mystery and help me get rid of this only account. I don’t have any intentions to waste anyone’s time here. I am sorry for the confusion created by me. I hope this post will clear things up for you.

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I wasn't trying to be mean. But it's in your best interest to try to get the records from the OC. Then, you'll have a starting point. While the bill is truly high, you really don't know what the charges are for. Sending a letter to the OC asking for your account history won't cause any problems.

Debt settlement companines usually don't do anything for you that you can't do yourself. Even if you got an attorney, you woud be paying them to get the records from the OC. You can also negotiate the debt on your own.

Again, http://www.naca.net/. I wish you luck with this.

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