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IM GLAD TO BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY,I HAVE HAD GOOD LUCK AND BAD LUCK WITH CREDIT BUREAUS AND COS. I HOPE TO HELP ANYONE I CAN AND HOPE SOME OF YOU CAN HELP ME WE KNOW YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR ATTORNEYS OR CREDIT AGENCIES TO REPAIR YOUR CREDIT YOU JUST NEED TO TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN THE ANGLES AND DONT LET THE COLLECTERS PLAY THERE GAMES WITH YOU YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM PLAY YOUR GAME AND REMEMBER THEY DONT HAVE TIME ON SIDE MAKE YOUR PLAN AND WAIT YOUR TIME AND DONT GIVE UP TAke your case to court no matter how much is on the line if you are sure of your case then dedicate all your spare time working on your case plan and never speak to attorneys or collection agencies without advising them your conversation is being recorded and do not answer there questions always stay ahead of them in asking questions this always keep them on the defensive side wondering what your plan is and what you have learned you need to always obtain more info from them than what they think you have. i look forward to meeting and talking with you all good luck and never give in.

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