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Minor Victory: From Bankruptcy to HomeOwnership


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I wanted to share a minor victory with you all, as I credit this forum as one of the lifelines that pulled me back to home ownership. I will try to be succinct.

Between 2000 and 2002, I filed bankruptcy three times. I was not aware that I had filed so many times. I knew I filed once and when I couldn't keep up with the payments, my lawyer said I should bring her more money, get a dismissal and redo it. I was an emotional basket case then and robotically followed her advice. Thus, three filings. I eventually sold the house I was trying to keep, in 2003.

From '03 to about '06, I floundered in my credit mess, "wishing" for good credit. In 2004, my car was repossed. I had hit "credit rock bottom", but still didn't know how to change my circumstances.

After determining I wanted to change my situation, I eventually found Credit Info Center and these forums. Enlightenment began. I began reading everything, following all the links, to read even more. I learned to dispute negatives and started seeing some things fall off of my reports. I became intimate with the FCRA, the FDCPA, SOLs and a few other choice acronyms, using them more adeptly as time passed.

When my scores didn't rise as quickly as I wanted, I started following the forum's advice on adding new positive tradelines. My first new TL was a $100Walmart card (you cannot imagine my joy at that point). I have added at least 10 more TLs since with CLs upwards of several thousand. I went from the 400s to the low 600s.

As time passed and a few successes became evident, DH allowed me to do the same for him. It is amazing how it works for everyone and you don't even have to pay Lexington Law to do it. ;)

On 9-8-2008, DH and I closed on our new home. :lol:

Two years ago, I would have thought that the purchase of a new home would be the end of my credit repair/rebuild efforts. However, now I know that that is just one stepping stone to my financial and credit goals.

Now I am shooting for the 700 club. I should also admit that CIC is addictive, and I may continue to lurk the forums well beyond my entry into the 800 club.

Thanks all!

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This is no minor victory. This is a major victory and you are winning the war.

Your Successes:

You were at "rock bottom" personally and financially

You "dusted yourself off" and started over again (which is harder than starting from scratch)

You developed the knowledge required to overcome obstacles (and put that knowlege to use

You encouraged your DH to join you

You had a goal and kept "your eye on the prize"

You have become financially responsible to be able to purchase a home

You give others encouragement

Congratulations! Looking back, you must have developed quite a bit of self esteem.

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It is stories like this one that makes me continue on with my own credit repair struggles.

I will agree with others, there is nothing minor about your victory, Epiphany. That story encorages others to keep trucking.

I wish you success and happiness in your new home and please continue to be an inspiration to others.

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