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I am so frustrated with them!

I have sent off THREE disputes. THREE. I have not recieved one response whatsoever. I have not seen anything come off of my report.

Yet Equifax deleted all 10 of my disputed TL's. TU deleted about 70%.

What else can I do? I'm THIS close to just doing it over the phone or online because this is bs!

BTW--My first dispute was sent off to TU in July, a second in August. My score is from 462 to 591!!! (FICO)

My Equifax is from 499 then to 588 and I don't know what it is now that this recent batch of items went off.

If only EX would get with it.

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I have some stupid questions:

1. Did you send the letters CMRRR?

2. Did the letters have your return address and other important info (SS#, DOB, ETC).

They are required by law to respond within 30 days. I've not had a problem getting a response. If you can prove you've sent the letters, then write them again, explain that this is you third request, and that they need to either respond or get sued per the FCRA.

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