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myfico.com question..

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Hi all..

I started my repair in July of 08 with scores of:

TU 462

EQ 499

EX 499

I've had great success with TU disputes and excellent with EQ. EQ deleted 100% of what I sent in first dispute.

I went to pull my scores again today and I was able to get TU and EX but it said they can't give me EQ because a score wasnt' available.. I needed an account over 6 months yadda yadda ya... well I DO have what they said I didn't. I called the 800 # and the lady had no idea and told me to call Equifax.. well that was useless. 40 minutes later and was never able to get to anyone and then was disconnected.

(Don't get me started on EX.. that haven't responded to any of the THREE disputes I've mailed off!)

Anyone have ANY idea why equifax wouldn't show?

My score at last pulls were

TU 552

EQ 511

Today's pull showed

TU 591

but it won't give me EQ.. adn I really want to see what that is with so many deleted.

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Maybe EQ couldn't come up with a score I read that somewhere in a thread here...they have this formula that those masterminds came up with to make your score and there was an explanation with factors as to why they couldn't come up with a score....check the stickys I remember now....thats where I saw info on that...:)

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The question is why would myfico.com not be able to give me an equifax credit report? They just said I have to have an account over 6 months. I DO. More than 1.

EQ just deleted 100% of my disputes but I still have many more and many positive and many over 10 yrs...

I have tried to call EQ but I can never get to a person. Myfico just says they don't know.

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