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FF Smackdown!

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Nascar, was it you who got spanked? I'm sure hoping it was after all the talking you did! Haha! :lol::lol::lol:

Granted, it wasn't that grand of a spanking, but it was infact a spanking! :)

I really enjoyed that Cowboy game last night. I kept running to my FF stats page trying to figure out how this stuff was being calculated and coming in.

It's actually fun, you were right Leslie. :)

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I knew you were on ::cloud9:: last night, Deanna - that was a great game!!!!

I STILL want to know who all the teams in our league belong to...no one answered me last week.

The Sixth Ring = LeslieR

Deadman Walking = DeannaTX

Come on people...I know a couple of others, but fill in the blanks please... :)

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Okay been digging though old posts and it seems we don't know who Nascar, WickeDay, and Nascar are. There are also 3 unidentified teams. Who wants to make some bets? :lol:

So DeadmanWalking = Deanna

SixthRing = LeslieR

HolyBoobs = Lovebug

NJ FICO = Above Average

Kendall Place Boomers = Big Woody

New World Order = The Game26

Jestor151 = Jestor

Okay so who is:

The Champs

Brass Balls


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