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PFD CATCH 22.. Lets see whos got the answer...


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I have three Medical collections,still able to be paid through the OC and also the CA.

I called the OC directly and asked if they could simply not report these after i have paid her for them.

I actually got the Supervisor on the phone from the OC.She told me even after my long sob story,that since they are paying the CA to report these accts,(that they cannot-NOT tell-the CA that i have paid these off already)

and obviously i would want that so i could Dispute the accts with the CRA's

at which point the CA could not verify.

Also,the CA insists that they do not just DELETE items.

Excluding the WHYCHAT method,what would YOU do???????:confused::hmmmmm::dunno::hmm::dunno2:

Noone has provided solid answers for this to me yet.Whos up for the challenge?

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Tell 'em that if they did a bullseye on e-oscar the tradelines would vanish, and you don't care whether they have an agreement with the CRAs that they won't do that, it's what moves the money from you to them and you won't pay without their agreement to do it.

If they won't agree, hang onto your money.

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