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Credit Limit not showing on TransUnion


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My credit limit is not showing up on my Transunion report. Its only showing a balance.

If I am correct this is hurting me.

Can I go to TransUnion online dispute and dispute this since its a minor thing.

I am buying a home and the underwriter only needs 1 more point to get approved.

Will this help?

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Who is the creditor? Some are infamous for this. It's not a minor thing, IMO - if you have a $5K CL and your balance is $800, but the creditor is reporting your balance as your CL, then it looks like you are maxed out. Not good. I believe Cap1 has been sued over this in the past (and lost, compelled by the courts to report the CL). Someone can chime in here with more info.

Why don't you go straight to the creditor and ask them to report your CL?

And yes, you can dispute this with the CRAs and see what happens.

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Boy Tommy you've been chatty this morning!!! Welcome - I don't think I've seen you around before.

I have to disagree with your blanket recommendation.

In some cases, the never dispute online rule is absolutely applicable. (I had some success with online disputes when I was disputing, but for th e most part used letters).

But CMRRR for CRA disputes is a bit costly and impractical for most disputes.

I typically disputed by letter - never CMRRR - with the CRAs. My disputes didn't always turn out as I wanted them to, but they were never ultimately ignored.

At $5ish a letter, it's simply impractical and unnecessary to send all CRA disputes CMRRR.

But, that's not really what this thread is about...so if anyone has further advice for the OP about the creditor not reporting his CL, chime in!!

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