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The Great American Debt Box

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Since it seems the Government is now creating a big box to take on debt of the big 'could never fail' companies... I propose we add our own to it! Hey, if it's good enough for Fannie, Freddie and AIG-why not you and me.

The Great American Debt Box I add:

1 Mortgage on a primary residence

What have you got to throw in the box?

(remember now-this is just for fun... no politiking...)

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You all are crazy...our wonderful Congress (by abrogating their power to one man) has just increased the debt load on every (at lease every legal) citizen today and on our children about five generations further down the line.

Our "free market" economy is disappearing faster than the houses along the beach did in Galveston last weekend...company's are now too "important" to let fail thus removing the consequences of their bad business decisions.

Of course, when you get right down to it; it was Congress that started the mess in the first place back in the early/mid 90's by strong-arming lenders into making loans that should have never been made in the first place.

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