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Discover card??

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I recieved a preapproval in the mail, applied and got the card.

my question is - where is discover used anyway? nowadays? i never see discover signs anywhere.

i know visa and mc are used widely.. and amex.. but discover???

and anyone know if they back up any store cards?? that would be an easy approval since having a regular discover card..??


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My Wal-Mart card is a Discover card.

Most places accept Visa and Mastercard. Almost all places that accept Visa and Mastercard will usually take Discover as well. Discover is a close second to Visa and Mastercard and then Amex trails behind. At least that is what I've noticed. If places don't take one of those four cards it's usually Amex.

Congrats on the card.

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lol but you did get the discover card directly from discover? that's crazy. :p

yea that preapproval i got in the mail the website was discover.com and its directly from them..

i did some research on gemb last night and found the website and they have a general visa or mc through them non store card, and it pulled EQ!!!!!! i hope get it cause EQ is my bestttt report!!

all this time every store GEMB and other gemb i applied for pulled EX ...finally pulling EQ.. woot! i hope i get it!!

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What ever happened to diners club? LOL i remember my parents having that card in the 80's. Is it still around?

We'll it looks like Discover bought their network and the cards are issued with a Master Card logo. At least that's what I think has happened. Maybe if someone still has that card they could chime in.



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