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Judgment was mailed to be.


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I have a loan on a business that I closed down. I PG the loan also. I got a package in the mail with the notice of Entry of Judgment pursuant to PA. R.C.P. 236. My question is, that it has the business name on it but the address is my home address not the company address. Also they only sent it through the mail, I was never served with it.

Also the county court is the wrong court for where I live.

Back in July they served the sent me the same judgment but this time my name was on it and not the business.

I have two judgments one for the business and the other on me. Also in the wrong county court.

They sent it regular mail and no one signed for it.

I am in PA. Is there anyway I can do to get this dismissed?

I just looked up the PA RCP is: Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure No. 236 requires that the Prothonotary give

immediate written notice of the entry of an Order, Decree or Judgment as provided in the


So I was never give a chance to defend my self nor I was being sued.

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If it is a lot of money you can't afford to lose, go see a lawyer and get real answers. The internet is wonderful for general info, but you have several questions that can only be answered by the review of the court file by someone who knows PA law. imo

I was never served anything, just mailed a judgment, can I still get it vacated?

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