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Mortages Lates Removal


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Are there any Magician around i need help bad. I have 6 mortgages with Countywide 2 reporting Foreclosed 2 reporting charged off. and 2 I just did a Modification on and will be starting from scratch on. here my question, what is the best way to attack the late and what is the best way to attack the foreclosure. should i try to delete the foreclosure all together even though it is my oldest Mortage acct with 3 out of 4 yrs good payment history? can any one point in the right direction

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:trainwreck: Man 6 mortgages? I wouldn't even no where to start...Now I am no expert but I would try and work on the oldest one(s) first...In my opinion I think getting bad mortgages off will be real tough I mean real tough....You might want to post in the BK section or Law section on this one....
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Disclaimer: This is a totally untried method, but from what I've been reading of RESPA, you may be able to get them to disappear for a little while.

Here's the set up.

First you send out a Qualified Written Request.

This is outlined under Section 6 of the 12 USC 2605(e)(1)(B)(ii)

Basically you identify your name, and account number and SSN to the lender. (i)

Then you include a statement of your beliefs as to why you think the account is in error, or you can provide "sufficient detail" to the servicer regarding the information sought. (I'd request ever piece of paper they have on the thing)

A template for a QWR can be found on loansafe.org here: http://www.loansafe.org/index.php?pid=24

Now 12 USC 2605(e)(2) et seq. Says they have 60 days to comply from their receipt of the letter (so send it CMRRR)

ANd 12 USC 2605(e)(3) is titled: Protection of Credit Rating

During the 60 day period...a servicer may not provide information regarding overdue payment to any consumer reporting agency. There is a stipulation however that the time period is only during that period that the QWR affects. So if you're just disputing certain months, then the old lates won't be removed on your subsequent dispute.

My thoughts on a way around this are to ask for a full accounting history for the life of the loan. Therefore, you cover the entire life of the loan.

Sec 6(4) Says that there is a provision for actual damages, as well as a provision for 1000 for repreated noncompliance.

You also have an attempt at a class action.

So the simple break down:

Send the QWR, allow about 5-10 days for them to get it and begin processing it.

Send the CRA dispute, possibly a copy of the QWR and simplify it for the CRA phone drones that you think the loan was not serviced properly and there for the whole reporting of it is incorrect.

See if the TLs are verified, if they are, then they've verified several lates, which they're not supposed to do per the RESPA QWR.

In your case, you'll be sending six of these, one for each mortgage.

Again, this is a working outline, and the ideas have not been tested, and are purely theoretical at this point. Though I will be trying it soon, as soon as I'm done suing the pants off of LVNV.

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