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About to apply at NFCU


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I have had a NFCU checking and Savings account for 20 years and thought they were closed but they weren't so I deposited some money and voila I'm in with the best.

I was planning to apply for a NFCU credit card on October 1st and am really hoping for the best chance to get approval. I have several questions...

1-Which one would be best (platinum, nrewrds, gorewards or LOC)?

2-They pull Equifax in Florida. My EQ is 618 but my TU is 648 and EX is 652. Would it be better to freeze EQ before applying. I can just go to a local branch so they could verify any necessary information.

3-Next week my usage will go down 2% when a cc I recently paid off will hit my credit reports. That will take it from 30% to 28% on EQ and from 26% to 24% on TU and EX. I am worried though that this financial buyout thing and the market may make NFCU stricter by 10/1. Should I wait the 10 days to show the smaller usage and risk them tightening their standards?

I've been planning this application for some time and every time I listen to the economy news I am tempted to apply now so I could really use some advice.

Thank You.

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I also had an account that had been closed for about 20 years and got it reopened.

I applied for a NFCU CC and was denied- so I put up $800 in a share savings account and got a secured card for that amount. I have used the card alot and always pay in full. Haven't paid a penny interest on the card.I hope to have the secured interest realeased after a year.

I just recently applied to re-finance my car loan and after about a week I got approved at 10.75%- about a 1% lower than my current Chase- I will do the loan because they have an option to make bi-weekly payments that somehow decrease the loan lenght- my EQ fako is 624 (TrueCredit)- I think if you treat them well- they will treat you well.

I got the nrewards because of no fee- If you can get that utilization down to less than 10% you will see a nice jump in your score.

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