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too late to negotiate?


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i got a letter on sep.9 from naf saying an award has been entered against me on behalf of chase. before this happened i sent the collection agency a letter to negotiate percentage of the debt, but never heard back, and i called chase but they will not deal with me.

i dont even have a job right now, and i dont own any property, except for my car which isnt paid off. i cant afford a lawyer or to go to court.

so my plan was to negotiate with them for a % of it, and after i get employed again ,get a personal loan to just pay them off.

im in a position where i cant fight the arbitration in court. would they still negotiate? i would rather pay an honest bank than deal with them stealing my paycheck or coming to get my car. i dont want to deal with them im tired of this crap. they are still calling me.

what can i do at this point?

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