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WCI letter sent back, ER Solutions not picking up theirs


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Hello! I looked up WCI using the search feature, and am having the same problems as the posters from 2007.

WCI is listed as an "Alert" as a new collection agency for EQ but not on CR as of yet. Never received a letter from them, but from the amount they are reporting I know who they are representing. Been fighting about this account, which is not DH's for almost a year now, and have recently found out what to do about it. We sent WCI a letter, along with FTC affidavit and police report. I checked the USPS website, and they are sending the letter back to us, "Forwarding Address Expired." And, this is the address supplied by the CRA's.:confused:

From reading the posts from 2007, WCI is aka ER Solutions. DH didn't receive a letter from these guys either, but they were on his report. Sent them the same letter as WCI, ER Solutions won't pick up the letter. It's coming back too. Meanwhile, DH disputed online with CRA's and they are deleted.

I tried looking up WCI from the BBB website in order to get a correct address, nothing available.

What the heck??? How can WCI report, even as an alert, without having a correct address or even a phone number listed? Are they getting paid just to keep a derog on a report? How is one to fix something if one cannot make contact?

As for ER Solutions, they won't pick up the letter; and now they are off of DH's report. Does dispute with CRA's = "We don't want you anymore"?? Now, we're not complaining; we are quite happy about it, just wondering what's going on.

We also sent letters to the CRA's with FTC affidavit and police report on this account. I read on this site to request 'blockage of account"; now that's it's no longer listed, is this going to be a problem?

If anyone went through this and could possibly explain what's going on, it would be appreciated. Especially when it comes to requesting the CRA's to block an account which is no longer listed with them.

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