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I need to email Equifax...


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Does anyone know the person I need to email at Equifax?

Here's the problem: I was trying to boost my uncle's score so I sent some dispute letters out. Things came off but now there is no Beacon score (equifax) showing. That is usually his highest score and I need that to use to boost his mid score.

I pulled up portfolio.com but I want to know if anyone recognizes a name of anyone that could help me out.:confused:

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Now that depends, do you dispute through Equifax or CSC? VA is a CSC state.

If it is CSC then here is the info which is current per the BBB site today

from bbb - on CSC

File Open Date: 01/01/62

Principal: Donna White, Consumer Affairs

Phone Number:

(281) 878-1900

(281) 878-4840

(281) 878-5050

(713) 918-5679

(800) 272-9281

(800) 392-7816

(800) 653-2772

(800) 753-1312

(800) 759-5979

(866) 264-4878

Fax Number: 281-878-1974

Email Address: dwhite38@csc.com

Web Site Address: www.csccredit.com

Membership Status: This company is not a BBB member

Type of Business: Credit Reporting Agencies


Undetermined Businesses

Additional Business Names:

Computer Science Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation

CSC Consumer Assistance Center

CSC Credit

CSC Credit Services, Inc.

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