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EQ puller with no credit?

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My EQ report is gone.. vanished.. EQ even sent me a letter saying they do not have a credit file on me. It was recommended that I get some starter cards that pull EQ but I'm not finding any luck and WHO does that? Anyone know?

Thanks a million..

The worst part is my EQ was my best report in the low 600's.. :-( Maybe it will come back...


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I went ahead and applied for 3.. wasn't instantly approved for any but wasn't declined either... just said it requires further processing.

Two of them asked me questions like you get when you order your free credit reports.. my question is... if I don't have an Equifax report.. how they heck are they getting questions to ask me.. or I guess perhaps they aren't pulling EQ afterall...

Not sure but we shall see. Thanks for the list of names! I appreciate it!

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