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Sending out offers...I have no clue what I'm doing.


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I wish you luck on this but what you might find is that you'll make small payments for a few months and the CC company will charge your account off anyway.

In the meantime, you'll continue to rack up 30 day lates on your credit report every month. If you have a couple hundred bucks a month set aside to pay off your debts, take a loan from your 401k, pay the cards off in full and then use the $200 to pay yourself (the 401 loan) back every month. Beats using the $200 to hold off the inevitable for a few months. Plus, you won't be paying huge interest rates on your unpaid debt.

Downside is that you won't be able to contribute to the 401 for a few months but, in reality you are, because the interest you pay on the loan is yours - it goes into your account.

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Jackie2 - I have not been in your situation; therefore, I'm little help to you - however, I have read many of your responses to others and I believe you offer excellent advice. You appear to have a "good head" on your shoulders when looking at someone elses conflict.

Maybe if you read your thread objectively and ask yourself how you would respond to this situation if it did not involve you personally.

I hope you do not take my suggestion offensively; because I truly admire the inspiration you give to others.

I sincerely wish you and your family the best of results.

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Well, my original post was asking for suggestions on wording letters for making offers. I'm not sure what I wrote that was so offensive to everyone. I'm very sorry.

I will ask the admin to just delete this thread now.

Thank you,

I'll just ban myself now.

Thank you for all your advice.



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Jackie, I hope that you weren't responding to the picture I posted.

That was meant for the spammer that posted in this topic. Just something I've been doing when I see someone spamming the boards.

I'm sorry if I made you upset with that one. But please understand, it wasn't meant for you in any way.

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I guess there was a misunderstanding. :shock:

I read the replies and nothing made sense to me...I didn't see the spammer post. (I didn't know it was spammed.) I thought the post were in reply to my statements.

Sorry if I over reacted! I've had experience being the target of a troll on the sci-fi board and that made me a little gun shy about the boards.

No harm done...sorry I didn't get back to clear this up earlier. I had to go out today.

Thank you for the PMs to clear the mess up. :)

Jackie. :)++

Forgot to add in some good news:

My daughter has a new primary doctor now. I had an issue with her old one when she refused to treat beth for a sinus infection after the kid was sick for nearly 2 months.

new doc said her GERD wasn't under control and was making her sick. He treated the infection and gave her a different medication for her GERD. She's made remarkable turn around and will hopefully be able to remain in school and not be so sick. (Fist month of school she already missed 12 days). If she continues to improve I should be able to get a part time job (if I can find one locally) and that would help us financially anyways. But anyways, as long as she continues to get better I'm happy.

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