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Completely Destroyed Bluestone Investestments, A low life CA in PA

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Came back from my long awaited forced mediation battle with Bluestone investments , (check out my other posts)a low life CA in Pennsylvania on August 12, 2008. Went to court that morning, the low life CA lawyer , I understood he was one of the top 3 partners in the lawfirm, showed up with the secretary that handles their paperwork as a witness (ha..ha.ha how pathetic) He claims that she had knowledge of ..get this..the original debt..she claim my debt was valid because she had received the paperwork from the original creditor..(which was a lie because the debt was never sold to them directly). I immediately asked for a copy of the original contract/terms ,and when and where this contract was signed,they tried to show the mediator a generic credit card contract,but i kept hammering them, about their accounting practices, how they verify debts, how much they pay for them,.In the end I scribbled on a piece of paper and I wrote "You owe me $1,00,000" and gave it to the mediators. I explained to them (there was 3 of them) that this is what this lawsuit amounted to, no proof , no witnesses. Just a piece of paper stating that I owed. They agreed with me and 2 days later I got a letter in the mail stating judgment in favor of the defendant, that would be me. I made that high price lawyer look so stupid..they thought I was going to cave in and settle if they drown me with paperwork, but thanks to this site I beat them handily...YAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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