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Question about TU

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Here's a question to pose to the group:

I sent a letter to the original creditor asking for an investigation of the information that they have on my Transunion report, using the address that TU has on file.

I sent the letter certified and it came back "address undeliverable - unable to forward." I provided this information to Transunion, with a copy of the envelope with writing, and asked them to remove the incorrect information. They refuse to do so, claiming that it's a frivolous investigation.

My question is this: how can I get them to remove the clearly incorrect information if they keep referring to is as a frivolous investigation?

Thank you.

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I can see how TU thought sending the envelope and asking for a deletion is somewhat frivolous. There's no correlation between a bad address and a tradeline. Sure, the address should be valid. But it could be a simple delay in updating the system.

You can probably find a good address by using Google. And TU will eventually update their system with the correct address. Try sending another letter to the OC.

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