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Compound dispute to remove late?


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So I started my efforts in June 2008. After about 3 months, I'd say I've been somewhat successful in cleaning up my 3 credit files. I've been able to remove some old collections and have had some luck removing some lates. My efforts have been boiled down to these last remaining six (6) late dings:

CC #1: 30DL in Jul 2007 and 60DL in Aug 2007

CC #2: 30DL in Aug 2007 and Dec 2007

CC #3: 30DL in both Aug 2007 and Jan 2008

I have no documentation that I was not late and these negatives show up identically in all 3 credit files. I have disputed as "never late" and have received "verified" responses for every item.

I have also tried two rounds of goodwill letters to the CEO (using the samples available in this forum) and they respond that they are accurately reporting to the CRAs.

I don't think I should try 623 because I have already sent a goodwill letter taking blame for the lates.

I am thinking the Method of Verification method could work, but I have read that the chances of the OC having records less than two years old is pretty good.

I am not sure what to do. I really want these removed ASAP and have been obsessing about how to get these removed.

Has anyone had any luck with disputing the balance AND being never late? If they check the balance and find that they have reported incorrectly, does the late also get removed?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I really want to get these last 6 dings removed.

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Removing late pay notations on otherwise positive accounts is problematic. You run the risk of getting the entire TL suppressed, which may not be in your best interests. If you continue to dispute, you may also get the dreaded 'frivolous' letter. Once that gets tagged, it can be difficult to get CRA monkeys to do anything on your file.

Since this is all the derogatory data you have left, you may wish to let things lie for a while. Your late pays will have decreasing impact on your credit score as they age. After 24 months, their effect becomes negligible. And, if you pay all those accounts on-time from now on, this will show to future lenders, insurers & others.

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