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everyone here needs to file emergency petition

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HR 1424 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

section 110

requires loan modification, interest rate reduction, loan reduction

and other OTHER.

I have just typed up a petition for relief under this law, I will be sending it to the sec of treasury, fdlic, my bank, and the federal property manager,

I said that the law is entitled Emergency and I exspect you to treat this as an emergency....

I gave them 30 days to comply and I will file in federal court in 30 or 60 days and I will make a motion for a preliminary injunction.

The law forbids preliminary injuncitons on certian sections but not on section 110.

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Blue Ranger,

Are you saying that if we have a loan we can the rate and terms modified?

Sometimes you need to show us pictures so we can understand. :)

Lay this out so everyone can understand what you are saying. I think I do and I intend on doing what you say.

If the big guys on wall street can do it so can I.

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