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I'm getting bills from student loans taken in 1989!


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I took out some small student loans in 1989, the year I graduated from college. One was a Perkins loan (I think), totalling $750. They were for books emergency loans and were from my school. I never paid it and it never defaulted.

Recently, I have started received bills from some company called ECSI for these loans plus interest. These loans were taken in January 1989 and became delinquent 6 months later! Isn't there some SOL on this? None of these show up on my credit report.

BTW, all of my other loans were eventually forgiven due to disability in the mid 90s, and show up on my credit report as "paid by another source", and are not derogatory.

What can I do to stop getting these bills from small student loans taken almost 20 years ago? Do I need to worry about this at all?

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I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but you are SOL. (And no, I don't mean Statutes of Limitations...I mean that other one....)

Federal Student Loans never go away. In fact you should have definitely seen them defaulted on your CRs. The fact that you got something now, will mean that if you were enjoying tax refunds, they will now be offset.

What I would do is see if your loan exists on this site:


If it does, find out if this collector is your guarantor (you will see that information there on the NSLDS site....you're going to have to fill out stuff for a pin and all that). Then you'll want to see if you can work out a payment plan or rehabilitation.

This isn't that type of loan that goes away after 7 years (trust me...I know....).

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If you have a permanent and total disability you CAN have your Perkins loan discharged.

Here's a link to the form that you need to complete with your doctor and send to the loan holder:


OP received a job offer earlier this year according to the archives....dont think he will qualify for permanent and total disability anymore.

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SolaceSoul, I would call the lending institution before discussing anything with that CA. (Send them a DV letter though.)

I recently received an offer from a CA offering to help me "consolidate" my Perkins loans when it wasn't even their jurisdiction. They were hoping I would bite so they could reap a percentage of a collection fee that gets added when you either 1) pay them in collection or 2) consolidate. It's kind of equivelent to cold calling people with old debts.

It's legal to levy that fee on the whole amount twice, it's either 18.5% or 24%, I'm not sure.

You can read the whole account of my experience here: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=290322 .

Before you do anything, call the school. See what they can do for you.

And it wouldn't hurt to see what the FAS site says about your loans according to the NSLDS, but keep in mind that the information could be inaccurate -- just like the info on a CRA.

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