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need advice on an incorrect balance. what to do?


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I recently dispute a ca with all three cra. experian delete the account while trans and equ continue to report. So i sent them a second dispute and they verify again with a balance of 1810 both on sept 23rd 2008

Will i just got a letter from the ca on october 1st 2008 and the balance for the account is 1808.94. i know they are close but they usually round up to the nearest dollar which would be 1809. i dont know where this other dollar is coming from. did they not investigate this account the second time and say that they did? This ca is over 4 years old and they both have different dates of removal by two months one is june and one is july.. Can i get this account delete on that reason alone that they verified the wrong amount

If you need more info just let me know any help will be appreicate thank in advance.

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