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"...He does not want her arrested, he just wants it to stop..."

Unfortunately, Dad can't have it both ways. ID Theft/Fraud is a crime. Your Father and the creditors are both victims of Sis's actions. To protect himself, he needs to fill out the recommended documentation and leave it at that. If she gets locked up, it's the consequences of her actions - not his.

FYI: You may wish to read and print off for Dad the FCRA 1681c-2, Subsection 605B, along with the definition of a valid ID Theft report found at 1681a, Subsection 603(q).

Sending any information to the CRA's may easily result in a 90-day Fraud Alert being placed on your Father's Consumer File. But blocking the actual accounts REQUIRES a valid report. For further protection, he may wish to extend his FA to permanent status. Be aware that even these actions won't offer him the protections he needs from Sis's nefarious dealings. He's probably going to get that only if she is stopped.

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