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Well..the NES mess continues.

Today I get a call from the same woman. Telling me that I have bounced a check over state lines and I need to call her tonight to rectify the situation and prevent further legal action against me for said check. (I have it all on my answering machine.)

She pretty much stated that I was going to be in trouble and she will proceed against me immediately if she does not hear from me for issuing a bad check across state lines.

Now I called and withdrew consent for the withdrawal on 9/30/08. Can she still proceed as if I had issued a bad check? Good gried this JDB is scum.

Thanks again,


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This is not an area I'm knowledgeable in, (but when have I let that stop me) but I don't believe stopping payment on a check-by-phone is the same thing as bouncing a check, or passing a bad check. Especially since this isn't a transaction where you bought something.

Now, as for "prevent further legal action against me" and "proceed against me immediately", NES isn't a lawyer! If it goes to court, they are out of it, and they don't get any money. They only get money if they get it from you. This "sense of urgency" they are trying to create in you is really a reflection of the panic they are feeling.

If this goes to court, it will be when NES gives up, the account is passed to a collection attorney, who will probably start by sending you a dunning letter, which you can respond to with a DV letter if you wish, etc.

Good luck,


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