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starting over with EQ looking for credit

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As you know the same thing happened to me and my report is gone too... upon the suggestion of another member, I applied for Hooters and got the 7-10 message online but then the card came a few days later.

I also applied for a couple of others..also got the 7-10 message but haven't received anything yet.

There should be another post here where they listed a few that pulled from EQ. I think Target, Cabellas were on that list.

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I have a question for you all. While some people state that a certain store, say... walmart, Cabella's pull EQ, other's state that they pull all 3. I have looked on creditboards.com for who pulls what, but when I put in the different CRA's, they're all pulled. How can we find out who actually pulls what... sigh.... I'm such a brunette.....

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Well, for the most part the Creditboards database is correct but instead of just entering the Fico score that was pulled to get the card, they enter everything. Pretty much, when we say that so and so pulled, it's because we have kept track and passed it along with everyone. So to answer your question, it's a collaboration of everyone's experiences and then reporting it back here so that it's documented.

This is the breakdown for some of those cards that pull all 3 or more than 1.

Cabela's, normally pulls only EQ with WFB but if your credit is poor, then a TU pull is also done and your Cabela's card is financed through Wamu instaed if you are approved. Here is the link I entered on this card. http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=290038

Target, normally pulls EQ for their Redcard, but if you call or reapply to get promoted to their Visa, then there is an EX pull along with it.

Cap1, normally pulls all 3 reports for credit applications.

If I remember correctly, I believe that Household/Orchard bank is also a 3 CRA puller.

The Sterling trifecta of Kay's Jewelers, JB Robinson, and Jared's Galeria are also exclusive EQ pullers. I got them with a 580 EQ score.

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