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Need help before proceeding


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First, thx for this board and all the posts. I've been pouring over it for the last few days and have two derog I want to clear up on my CRs but would like your input before I do it. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy just want to be thorough and if it has already been answered - just trying to wrap my head around all of this.

1st account is mortgage account that was foreclosed and discharged on BK. It switched OCs sometime after BK apparently. Results of my dispute - TU deleted both mtg accounts and EX deleted OC & added new creditor with IIB :). My problem is with EQ they list 1 account with OC w/IIB and the new creditor (carrier of mtg) with payment amount, status as 120+ dpd, and give pymt history after BK was filed and discharged. So they have the same account twice and the new one is in violation of my rights. My question is who do I dispute with - the new mortgage holder or EQ?

2nd account/problem is with Verizon Wireless. Two accounts showed up on CR with them as OC. One shows IIB and the other shows CO with balance owing $765. We got the cell phones shortly after filing BK and before BK DISC. When I tried to pay bill they said they IIB and opened for us another account because we were in middle of BK. Okay, fine I think. But we ran into trouble paying our bill after about a year, they sent me a dunning letter of $285 but we couldn't pay it. They called and threatened to sue...nothing. Got our CRs that show balance of $765 (apparently a $175/line for ET). I disputed account as not mine with all 3 CRAs and all came back verified and updated. TU - CO; EQ - IIB; EX - CO (w/diff acct # then disputed). I figure I have two options: Do I dispute as IIB (VW is on our BK 3 times) or do I dispute again for inaccuracies in balance, account #, etc? And if, so will the CRA delete account or just update the balance, #, etc. again?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

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