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Credit Freeze???

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The last three months I have received the most/best credit in my life.

1. Home Loan @6% no PMI.

2. New Truck Loan @ a decent rate from Citi.

3. First real CC with $3k limit, no annual fee, and 0% interest for a year from WAMU.

My scores are OK, but not great now and all my baddies are almost 2 years old. *shrugs* I guess this has come from belonging to CIC and understanding your credit.

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No freeze at Kay! (Sterling AKA Trifecta AKA Kay/Jared/J.B.Robinson)

I've had a $2,000 credit line with Kay, Jared, and J.B.R. since Nov. 2007.

I've used the Kay twice, once to buy a necklace for about $90 and pay it off; once to buy diamond earrings for $450 and I'm within $200 of paying those off right now.

I went to Kay just now and asked if I could get a CLI. Here is key information I found out by calling them a few months ago: They will give you an AUTOMATIC CLI when you've had the account for one year. If you want one sooner, you may go into the store once you've had the account for at least 10 months and show photo ID and they'll consider you for an increase.

Now I have a credit line of $3,000! I'll see if this extends to Jared and J.B.R. If not, I'll call and ask them to update those.

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Holi Frijoles! I hit the "luv" button on my Texaco card and they ratcheted me up from $600 to $800 just now! (from $400 just a few months ago - I'm pretty sure it was less than 6 months ago that I got that increase.)

My credit overall has not improved, trust me. I think these companies are just giving out a little luv for people who have good credit with them. I thought I'd give it a try because I also fear that credit might tighten up (although you'd think it already has tightened up and may or may not loosen up soon.) I thought I'd try before they start shutting the doors. I was surprised to get these two increases today.

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