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Showing contract in court

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Nascar,I have found your replies a little on the not so nice side...Clearly me or the other member have not just 'crawled out from under a rock"...Clearly we are new to this,aren't lawyers,and most likely just have been sued. So we are trying to bounce information off of each other... As you can see we both haven't applied for credit cards over the internet so it is confusing to the other member and I how that could be done.Especially since I was in another country when my credit card was opened and I didn't open it from Europe.

There is a case with JDB's with contracts..would you pay someone who said you owe me money now because of so-and so in the past but haveno proof of anything? Would you hand over your checking account information to just anyone without seeing their ties to the Original Creditor.

If you know the ropes,you shouldn't act like everyone does.

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