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Wrong DOFD & won't answer 623 Letter


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I have an old collection that has the wrong DOFD on all three reports (and each of the reports have a different DOFD as well, some are off by more then a year). I sent them a letter asking them for the correct DOFD (I have some statements that show when the account was last paid on) and they did not send any response. I then send a 623 letter requesting an investigation and explain to them that there has got to be at least two inaccurate DOFD since all three are different. They did not respond. I spoke with a local attorney and he said to have him file the paperwork would cost more then I would be awarded and he didn't think it was worth it to either of us. I'm clueless as to what I need to file and what I would be suing for. I figured that since they refused to respond or correct the information there could be some kind of attorney fees or punative damages or something. I tried sending the CRAs the statements that prove the DOFD and copies of the certified letters that I have been sending but I get the standard "take it up with the creditor" letters.

Any suggestions?

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