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Has anyone ever had an experience with Brasch & McCampbell International, Inc?

I ask because my parents were called in the last few months. Collectors call my parents in their efforts to track me down, not that I am in hiding mind you - I still don't have phone service. To my knowledge a message wasn't left.

In my research of this company, they are skip tracers and do asset searches. I have also found they have joined the ACA.

My search has uncovered a bit of negativity in that they tend to impersonate law enforcement.

My family's caller ID Shows: 972-226-3402

Their offices are:

12830 Hillcrest Road

Suite 111

Dallas, TX 75230

972-364-9002 (?)


I am posting this out of concern that they guys appear to break the law, and they have called my parents. If anyone has anything to add, it's appreciated.

StressPot xdancex

EDIT: To my knowledge, they are not licensed to collect in the state of WA.

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They can only talk to your parents in order to try to locate you. If they disclose anything about the debt to them, they're in violation of the FDCPA.

I'm sure collectors hate cases like yours as the phone is their most powerful weapon.

You mention they "impersonate law enforcement," well that in and of itself is a violation, but you have to have the goods on them (i.e a recording of them saying the stuff, or a letter that shows them acting outside the scope of a collection agency.)

So what are you planning on doing when you do finally contact them/they contact you?

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Thank you for the advice, but you are preaching to the choir. I've dealt with offensive CA's before. You should do a search on my name!

Pretty much just wondering if anyone has had any encounters with them. I did a search on these forum's and nothing comes up. My post should also alert some if they have been or about to be harassed by a CA that breaks the law.

If they send me a letter, then I will answer them. If they break the law, I will sue them as I did the last CA.

Anyway, looking forward to any info if someone has experiences to add. Thanks!

StressPot xdancex

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