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WFNNB will pull another report if EX is frozen.

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World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB) will pull EQ if your EX is frozen.

They have many department store cards. Here is a few....


Eddie Bauer

Victoria's Secret

Pottery Barn

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Loft

Newport News


Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles or Stage


New York & Co



Lane Bryant

Brylane Homes

Abercrombie & Fitch

The Avenue

Dress Barn



Kane Furniture



If anyone else knows what other companies will pull another report if EX is on freeze. Please add info here.

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You will get a letter stating your credit report was on freeze. The letter will say it was for Equifax even though EX was the one that was on freeze.

Call account control at 1-800-888-1726 tell them you applied and EQ is not on freeze, and which card you applied for.

Also if you applied online they still might send you a card, they did for me.

In another application I did call account control and was approved that way.

And also for Pottery Barn who pulls EX usually, with the freeze I had they pulled EQ.

It has worked out great for me and anothers. So I am not sure what happened in your case. Try what I stated above. Good luck!

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umm yea i applied for vickys and express.. who is through wffnb.

ex is froze, so they pulled EQ.. sent me rejection letters stating : do to past credit problems with us"

which was paid and closed a whlie back

i go on tc and get my reports. they REREPORTED the NEGATIVE DERAGAtory BAD tradelines, along with every single late, ect, on all three bureaus.

f*ck them. i fought hard to get them off my reports and now there back on and even EQ even turning sideways to erase it fastest.

tankeeddd my scores.

is this reaged now? im pissed. are they allowed to do this?

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Ok guys, before you all go hog wild with app sprees there is something you must understand about the effects of having your CRs frozen. Now if you were denied in the past with an OC that pulled EX for ex. and now that it's frozen you want to apply again, they will still pull EX.

When you freeze a report, it is only effective against an OC/CA/JDB if they have never pulled your CR before. Now if an OC has already pulled one of your reports that OC will always have access to the report that was frozen no matter what. In regards to a CA/JDB, if they purchase or are assigned a defaulted TL on your CR they will also have access to the CR no matter what because they have an interest in the TL being reported there.


Security freezes are designed to prevent a credit reporting company from releasing your credit report without your consent.

A security freeze placed on a consumer’s credit report will NOT block access to that report, or to the information contained in that report, from any of the following:

Any person that owns a financial obligation owing by the consumer for the purposes of reviewing the account or collecting that financial obligation;

An assignee or prospective assignee of a financial obligation owing by the consumer;

A subsidiary, affiliate, agent, assignee or a prospective assignee of a person to whom access to a consumer’s credit report has been granted for the purpose of facilitating the extension of credit or other permissible use;

A state or local agency, law enforcement, trial court, private collection agency, or person acting pursuant to a court order, warrant, or subpoena authorizing the use of the credit report;

A child support enforcement agency enforcing a child support obligation;

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing acting to investigate fraud;

The Colorado Department of Human Service acting to investigate fraud;

The Colorado Department of Revenue acting to investigate or collect delinquent taxes or unpaid court orders;

The use of credit information for the purpose of prescreening as provided by the “Fair Credit Reporting Act,” 15 U.S.C. 1681;

Any person or entity administering a credit file monitoring subscription service to which the consumer has subscribed;

Any person or entity for the purpose of providing a consumer with a copy of his or her credit report upon the consumer’s request;

Any person or entity for use in setting or adjusting a rate, adjusting a claim, or underwriting for insurance purposes;

A pension plan acting to determine the consumer’s eligibility for plan benefits or payments authorized by law to investigate fraud;

A person conducting a pre-sentence investigation in a criminal matter or a probation officer using this information for supervision of an offender;

A collections investigator engaged in the collecting of fees, fines, or restitution in a court proceeding;

A licensed hospital with which the consumer has or had a contract, or a debtor-creditor relationship for the purpose of reviewing the account or collecting the financial obligation owing on the account; or

A law enforcement agency acting to investigate a crime or conducting a criminal background check.

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