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I had it too before and left it. I use Chase Id Protection now. $11.95 a month https://www.chaseidprotection.com/

I did have True Credit but left it once I saw inquiries come back.

I also besides Chase ID, have been using Credit Karma free score for TU. Since I have been using both, I have dropped a few inquiries.


True Credit if you want to use it is only $9.95 a month.


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yes i am not happy with it

i cannot find where to update report daily.

the lady on the phone says i can pull new reports every 24 hrs.

umm its still showing me the same report from oct 15th..

anyone know?

might as well try for some morep ulls before my trial ends.

There is a little "Yellow" box below your credit score that says "Update Score", click it, and it will update, after it is updated the box will then say "score is updated" and turn grey.

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