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Delinquent Collection dilema


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I have a situation in which I paid to have a water delivery service terminated at which time they also came and picked up their equipment. Several months went by and I receive this collection notice. I called on the notice and they stated it was for the non return of a water dispensor. I did not pay for the collection at that time due to me returning their equipment along with paying the termination fee in good faith. Four years have now gone by and yet I have noticed that they report every month so it shows a new reported date as well as tacking on new fees making my debt to them even higher. I asked them to except an offer of 50% of the amount in which they were asking for and they said that they do not bargain and that a 100% of the collection amount was the only thing being excepted. How do I get this to come off my credit report in seven years when they keep reporting it? I don't know how to prove that the equipment was returned along with the one bottle of unopened water but I honestly paid and returned the equipment and unused product. Meantime they have come by my house trying to get me to

re-establish service with them in a non contractual basis..Can you please give me some advice..Thank you for your time

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