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Here's the situation:

I had a FNB Omaha card that got sold to Emerge. It ended up getting charged off, not sure whether before it got sold or not. Anyways, it's in collections with Midland Credit, who I have asked for statements showing how my 1500 balance is now at 2700, nothing from them so far.

I got the tradeline deleted and a letter from FNB Omaha showing the deletion. On October 1, it shows up on my report under Emerge/FNB Omaha with a 1675 balance. Today, I pull my daily Transunion report and there are three hard pulls on them from just yesterday.

Is it legal for them to do three hard pulls on one report in one day? Also, since the letter for deletion came from FMB Omaha, do they still have to re-delete it? And if not, shouldn't it show a $0 balance since it is in collections with Midland?

Can I ask the OC to take the account back so I can deal with them only. Midland keeps telling me they'll settle for half the amount that they say I owe. I don't want it to show settled, since that would be my original balance anyways.

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