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I need a definition please...(construction related)

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Alright, We were impacted by Hurricane Ike, and I'm looking at this crazy adjustment summary...

This s is kind of stupid of me, but who knows what

this would mean. Is it some sort of abreviation for the word Loss??

2LS@$125. Refers to replacing a tree

1LS@$121.64 ( a piece of my house) I

It this one means one loss, I want to see the adjusters

measurements, cause there aren't any listed for this item.

I have nearly 50 ft of sofit and facia gone in the winds and

they want to pay me $121.00?? yuap, that's the grand total for this item...replacement value and all.

Don't think I can even get the materials for that price.

Already knew insurance was a rip off, but let me tell you ,I can really prove it now. Already spoke with an insurance advocate, and am even considering a public adjuster.

BTW major problems with the adjuster. My problem with her was that she was a lot dumber than me when it comes to actual damages. Going to have to file an ammended claim.

Anyway, help please.


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i don't know what company this is, but all insurance companies are strapped for adjustors right now. this one may be a "fill-in".

i've done fire and water damage work for years, including writing up "scopes" (estimates for damages). i have never seen this way of writing one up.

generally, the adjustor will line-item each thing that is damaged, then the price to "r&r" or remove and replace. this figure is usually by the linear foot or square foot, depending on the industry standard of how the work is measured and priced.

trees are generally valued by the caliper, or diameter of the main trunk.

soffit and fascia are generally listed by the linear foot.

don't forget besides removing and replacing the soffit or fascia, it must then be primed and painted (2coats). not to mention there should be an amount for debris removal. if the work is on the second story, then an amount to scaffold should be in the scope.

each of the items also has a "minimum" that contractors charge to do a small amount of work when the footage would not be large enough to pay them for the trouble to do it.

if the work involved requires the use of 3 or more trades, most insurance companies allow the restoration contractor to add on 10% profit and 15% overhead to the costs of replacement.

this adjustor is , indeed ripping you off. demand that a SENIOR adjustor review the claim. if you don't get a better scope, then definitely go with the public adjustor and attorney. (don't get one without the other, as you will need to sue for the cost of them both to be added to your expense).

you might also call a fire & water restoration contractor such as First General to come out and give you an estimate (free) of what they would charge to do it. most insurers accept their estimates as valid and will pay from that.

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Thanks I needed someone else to reinforce our opinion.

Cranky worked in the home industry back in the neanderthal age, and he was in shock when he saw the adjuster report.

I may have moved too soon, but I've already talked to the insurance and have an advocate. I am supposed to send the estimates we have...but they want someone to go line by line of this joke and give their prices.

Yes the adjuster was an idiot. It was a young girl..which hey, that's fine if the young girl had a clue. And yes, she was a contract worker..and when I say was, I think she may not have a job anymore. This whole thing goes far beyond the bad report.

That hundred some odd dollar facia and sofit..the cheapest estimate I have for that is 750.

My patio cover has been estimated at 4800 and at 7200, and this idiot allowed 1800. Hello, we are not rebuilding a tin covered carport here.

Ok another one...Fence. How does that work? I have 170 ft of fence. 70 of which can't be poo pooed off as half belonging to the neighbor. Adjuster allowed 55 ft for allignment and repair?? About half of it is down, the rest is leaning and wavy. I had 60 ft of it rebuilt after Rita. so this is not old crappy fence. My gawd, she didn't even figure the price of 4X4 posts, 2X4's to nail the boards to, or the quickcrete to set the posts.

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