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Need FF advice - probably if you're not in the CIC league :)

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Although the CIC league has proven to be a great bunch of sportsmen :)

I have Earnest Graham (TB) who either performs like a mo-fo or does nothing (last week I think he gave me all of five points but the week before, 18). Basically, the splits the work with Warrick Dunn and is sometimes only used in goal line situations - so this worries me. TB plays Seattle this week and that sharing situation is probably going to continue. However, TB may rely on a ground game a little more against Seattle than they did last week.????

I picked up Dominic Rhodes (Indy) who esp. since Addai is out - will prob. be the go-to guy.

So, who to start? Graham or Rhodes? I'm loaded with decent running backs, but a few of them have performed very unpredictably. Feel like I'm taking a risk with either one of these guys. But with Manning back on his game, I feel like Rhodes might be a good choice.

Opinions please?

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