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Writ of Garnishment, Couple Questions Please

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I have posted a few times on here regarding a credit card debt that my husband had a defualt judgement entered on.

Now we received the writ of garnishment paperwork. I have a couple questions.

1. My husband has 2 bank account at bank of America. When he sent back some paperwork, asking for finacials, bank accts ect, he only listed one account. If this gets enforced against him, do they attach both bank accounts at bank of america, or just the one the attorney is submiting paperwork to garnish? I was not sure how that worked.

2. If the bank acct, accts are froze and he was to try and go in and cash a check, do they not give him the cash? Do they pretty much not give it to you and deposit it into the account for purpose of paying this debt?

3. How long are the accts frozen for?

4. My husband is unemployed and has no wages to garnish. Do they then try to come after me since we are a community property state? We do have seperate bank accounts.

5. Would it be best for him to go open another bank account at another bank now?

6. I noticed that the collector is charging 31% intrest also on this debt. Can they charge that much? i thought the amt was 12% in Wa state?

Thanks for all the help. I should add we live in Washington State.

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The freeze lasts until the court orders the bank to actually pay the money over to the creditor. Then the freeze is over and the money is gone. If the creditor doesn't pursue the frozen money for some reason, I believe it dissolves after a year (that actually happened to someone here on CIC, I think you could look it up) in at least one state.

As for the 31% interest ... I believe that is a function of Washington state's nasty judgment laws ... they give the contract interest rate to the creditor.

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